How Your Food Choices Are Influenced by Outside Factors


The truth is that obesity comes about because those people are eating more than they expend, but what is mind boggling for many people is shy some people get fat on the same amount of food that keeps others thin. And why do some people want to be eating more than they need? It has been discovered that the size of your plate as well as external factors and distractions will certainly influence how much you eat.

Certainly food plays an important part in the treatment of some diseases, and a diabetic for instance will have to keep to a strict diet even though they are on insulin. With the person suffering with gastric disorders, their food selections will be those that can be easily digested. Carbohydrates are often limited as they cause flatulence.

Bigger People, Bigger Portions

You just have to eat in a restaurant to discover that the plate sizes have become larger as well as the portions of food. Where once we all used to eat a single burger for take-aways, we are now able to choose triple-decker burgers. But that’s not all. Product packaging is a strong factor when it comes to choosing whether to buy a food item or not.

Studies have shown that attractive, eye-catching packaging influences are decisions significantly and that our grocery trolleys are made up of between 20 – 60% of impulse purchases – items we didn’t budget for but which attracted our attention with their must-have packaging.
The 21st century is fact paced and hectic, and there is always an audience out there looking for quick and easy ways to stave off hunger. These people know that the quick foods have built-in health hazards that will likely do them more harm than good and that the foods are deprived of essential nutrients. Outside factors such as deadlines, lack of time and the fast paced society in which we live certainly influences the food choices we make.

Culture, Social Class and Hollywood Culture

Our family’s culture, religions and other factors will determine our food choices. This is often seen in religions such as Judaism and Islam which have specific dietary laws. Cultures and beliefs are passed from one generation to the next and young children learn food preferences from their family, and people from the same culture share the same thoughts and feeling about food choices. Even people in different social classes eat differently. The Hollywood culture which stipulates that you need to be slim and beautiful to be happy plays a massive role in the food choices made by young people – both male and female.

Food choices are influenced by outside factors for sure, but whichever scenario we find ourselves in, our aim should always take responsibility for our health by making positive choices.


Wear Colors that Compliment Your Eyes and Skin Tone If You’re Going Bald


Whether or not you are shaving that head bald, or you just simply do not have a choice when it comes to your haircut, the way you look or how you dress can really give a certain help take the people’s attention off your bald head. Going bald would sometimes mean that you have lesser hair to contrast with the type of skin you have. If you get this feeling like you are a little conscious about what people show to you and how they glare at your appearance, Phillip Paoletta of the Effortless Gent suggests that you dress in a certain way that would complement what people would normally say about your bald head. You can wear colors that will match your eye color so that individuals will be drawn to your garments or clothing instead of your scalp. You can even create some contrast when it comes to your skin tone in order to hide that dome. For all those who have darker skin tone, it is best to wear light-colored clothing. On the other hand, for those who have lighter skin tone, it is recommended that you should wear darker-colored clothes. It won’t hurt if you want to add some accessories such as flashy earring or sunglasses.


However, it can never be denied that most guys have a fear of losing their hair. Accepting that a guy is bald is not that easy for them, but it is still one of the most interesting paradoxical circumstances wherein they learn to embrace the thing they fear the most and in the end, end up empowering and liberating their personality. The only downside here is that when it comes to style, most bald guys are usually at their disadvantage. Here are some of the tips to consider when you go bald.


Shave It Off Entirely


When you go bald, you need to buzz down everything. Shave every hair you have. Toupees and combovers were once a well know tools so look good when it comes to bald guys. However, this is no longer the case because style of today has improved and has disregarded most of the tools of the past. Instead of covering up your baldness, try to embrace it. You can go for a Jason Statham look or you can clean shave. Once you go for this look, people will notice that your appearance is cleaner compared to you having hair on your head. It is even manly looking at some point.


Clothes Picking


You should never forget to choose clothes that will complement your skin tone as well as your eye color. You can even add accessories to complement it more. Complementing your skin tone and eye color with the clothes you wear will help attract or draw additional attention to your eyes, instead of your bald head.


Facial Hair


Do some experimentation on your facial hair so that you can have some accent to your face. The right facial hair has the ability to add contract and give you an opportunity to create a variety of looks you want.



26 Facts About the Science of Love You May Not Know


Eye Contact Enhances The Feeling of Love

Simply because staring into another person’s eyes for a few minutes can actually increase the feeling of love and affection, more than holding hands or counting each other’s blinks.

Analyze and Discuss Romantic Comedies for Happier Marriage

As shown by a study done by the University of Rochester, that newlyweds who watch 5 romantic comedies per month and discuss them with their partners were less likely to get divorced within the following 3 years by 13 percent.

Romantic Comedies Do Not Cause People To Be Unrealistic About Love

Since another survey revealed that no strong relationship was found between frequently watching romantic comedies and believing in soul mates, love at first sight, and on the idea that love conquers all. Completely the opposite of popular belief.

Two-thirds of Americans Believe in Love at First Sight

A complete surprise, because regardless of what people may say but results of a survey involving 500 Americans from diverse backgrounds reveal that 2/3 of them believe in love at first sight.

Genetics May Play Significant Role in the Occurrence of Love at First Sight

Some scientists believe that humans are similar to several other animals including fruit flies when it comes to mating: they rely on the ability to determine whom to mate with based on genetic compatibility.

Married People Have Similar DNA

A study conducted by the University of Colorado examined the DNA of 825 married couples, where it was found that the DNA of these married people is more similar compared to the DNA of two total strangers.

Newlyweds Know About Their Marriage’s Survival Rate

One study published in 2013 proved that newlyweds possibly have an idea about whether or not their marriage will last. The study involves having the newlyweds to take a computer test every 6 months for 4 years, where their spouses’ pictures would quickly appear on the screen followed by a positive or a negative word like awesome or awful. They would then have to indicate whether the word was positive or negative, and eventually the reaction time indicated the level of their relationship satisfaction where couples who were able to identify negative words quicker reported higher marital dissatisfaction at the end of the experiment.

Lower Voice Indicates Attractiveness

Both men and women tend to speak in a lower voice when they speak to a member of the opposite sex that they consider attractive. This is contrary to popular belief which states that woman will speak in a higher pitch in that context.

Romantic Partner Reduces Pain

A study conducted by the University of California which involved mildly burning 25 undergraduate students in 2009 found that holding hands with their romantic partners or even just looking at a picture of their romantic partner has a pain reducing effect on women.

Love Is Similar to OCD

Because an experiment done to three different groups: people who recently fell in love and reported thinking for four hours or more; people with OCD; and a control group, shows that people who were in love actually have 40% less serotonin compared to the control group. To make the conclusion clearer: people with OCD appear to have decreased levels of serotonin in their brain.

Relationship-OCD is A Thing

A disease named as a Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ROCD) actually exists. People who are diagnosed with ROCD tend to be enamored with relationships and spent a lot of time wondering whether their partner is ‘the one’.

Relationships And Cocaine Are Alike

Another thing that relationships have been compared to is cocaine. An experiment carried out in 2010 showed that the brains of the people who are in love and the brains of the people who have been using cocaine are very similar, because both release a huge level of dopamine.

Love Costs You Friendship

Another study from Oxford University conducted in 2010 stated that falling in love typically causes someone to lose two of their friends.

Sexual Imprinting is As Real As It Gets

Sexual imprinting refers to a phenomenon where people are more likely to choose partners who have similar features and bone structures to their parents, and this concept is actually supported by several studies.

Kiss Your Wife Before You Go To Work

Because a study conducted in the 1980s found that men who kiss their wives in the morning are actually less prone fewer car accidents and they are found to live a longer life.

Most Feminists Are In A Relationship

A 2007 study from Rutgers University found that women who support the concept of gender equality is more likely to be in a relationship than women who do not consider themselves as feminists.

Love Spreads To The Entire Body

A 2013 study in Finland reported that people feel love and happiness throughout the whole body when they were asked to identify different areas of the body to be associated with certain emotions.

Heartbeats and Dilated Eyes

Love leaves traces of physical symptoms, and one of which would be that women’s eyes tend to dilate whenever they are looking at someone who interest them sexually.

Being Healthy Is Sexy

The majority of women typically prefer men who have healthier immune systems, because it is related to higher level of testosterones. Hence, the immune system has been considered to be one of the important factors when it comes to attractiveness.

New Relationship New Nerve Growth Factors

Researchers from the University of Pavia found that in the first year of a romantic relationship, both men and women experience an increase in Nerve Growth Factors, which trigger adrenalin rush, renewed vigor as well as confidence. This results in things like butterfly in the stomach during the early phase of the relationship.

Blame Infidelity to Your Genes

Because numerous studies have suggested that infidelity is genetic. A gene known as DRD4 with a certain variation causes both men and women to more likely be considered as promiscuous and unfaithful in relationships.

Cheaters Are Easily Noticeable

In a 2002 study, a number of participants were asked to recall different faces of people who are given labels as cheaters or cooperators. The result showed that it was easier for most of the participants to recognize the faces of cheaters, where the researchers believe that cheaters actually have different appearances, making them easier to be remembered.

Kissing To The Right

In one study which involves 124 couples, it was found that the majority of the couples kissed by tilting their heads to the right where only 44 turned to the left. This may be caused by a certain genetic trait, although further research has been yet to be conducted.

Men Love Open Mouth Kisses

It was revealed that men prefer open mouth, messier kisses with more saliva and there is actually a scientific reason behind this preference. Saliva contains testosterone, and evolutionary science suggested that men actually want to put more saliva into their women’s mouth to increase sexual drive.

Happiness Gives Rise To Love

As said by psychologist Barbara Frederick, positive moments and emotions keep relationships going because love lasts to the micro moments of positivity resonance. However, caution needs to be taken because people can actually have “these moments” with everyone who can make them happy, as a result you can even fall in love with a complete stranger that you have just met.

Till Death Do Us Part

Science has proven that love can actually last. A 2009 research scanned the brains of a few new couples and a few couples who have been together for 20 years whereas these couples are shown pictures of their loved ones. The result? 10 percent of the older couples experience similar reaction to the younger new couples, signifying that their love have passed the ultimate test of time.




Make a Mathematically Perfect Batch of Pancakes With These Formulas


Ahh, the pancakes – The world’s favorite treat, either as a savory snack or sweet dessert. If there is one snack, which is loved universally, it is none other than pancake. There may be thousands of ways to prepare it, but, everyone loves them. As with nearly all dishes and recipes, as mentioned above, everybody makes their pancakes a little different. Either through adding an extra ingredient or two, changing the measurements etc. Everyone has their own method, and everybody swears that their pancakes are the best. But what if there was a mathematically proven formula that could guarantee you the perfect batch of pancakes? Would you be tempted? I mean pancakes aren’t the most difficult thing to make granted, but imagine how great it would be knowing that you are able to produce (and boast about!) a perfect pancake?


The Formulas


The following formulas would help you to determine how much batter you’ll need overall simply, without any jargon or fuss. They’ll also provide you with the exact amount required for each individual pancake in the batch, just to make sure that you only serve the absolute best pancakes this side of the Pacific Ocean. Not only is this all impressive enough, but these formulas will even take into account the kind of pan your using, and also your preference in regards to pancake thickness! Amazing. These formulas were produced and tested by the University Of Sheffield’s Maths Society, and this is what they recommend.


Mixture requirements per pancake (in ml): (T X π X D^2) / 4

Total requirement of mixture (in ml): (T X π X D^2 x P) / 4


T = Preferred pancake thickness in cm

D = Diameter of Frying pan in cm

P = The number of pancakes you want


Whoever said that maths was both boring and unnecessary?!




Now of course many of us will look at these formulas and if anything be even more confused and clueless than we were before. Thankfully they have provided ways for the complicated calculations behind the scenes to be on our behalf, so all you need to worry about is what you’ll serve them with. You may head over to their website and utilize their special pancake calculator. This will not only work out the above for you, but will also show you how much flour, butter and any other ingredients you’ll need. Alternatively, you could also download the calculator as an Excel file and use it offline whenever you feel the need.


Now you have absolutely no excuse, every pancake you make should be produced with perfection. Go ahead and try to make the best batch of pancakes that you will ever have made, and better yet, you won’t even have any leftover batter that you have to deal with!

Ask an Expert How to Declutter Your Home and Get Organized

Life is hectic for everyone. Gone are the days when the only job of women was to take care of the household chores and look after the family. In the tight economic world we live in today, both man and woman have to work, just to make the ends meet, and then when there is a time left to organize the home? The weekends? Well no, and the result? Before we know it, our desks are full of papers, books, files and pens and pencils. Our homes too become cluttered, with everything in its wrong place. Sometimes we even do a quick clean up job, and the area looks organized, until you open cupboard doors and see how years of clutter, dirt and mould come tumbling out. For many people, they’re just plain lazy, and the truth is that when you don’t care about your home, it’s a sign you don’t care about yourself.


Release a Load of Unwanted Baggage

If you’ve got clutter which is made up of sheer trash complete with dirty surroundings, it’s a reflection of the turmoil in your life, and you may feel lethargic, depressed, lack self-esteem and even be aggressive. Whatever your reason is for the clutter in your home and your mind, there are experts who can help you deal with it. Once they show you what to do, you’ll feel as though a huge, unmanageable load has been released from you, and you’ll feel light, motivated, enthusiastic and joyful.

If you just can’t find the time or the motivation to tackle your mess, a trusted expert can help you. A de-clutter expert isn’t out to get you and make you feel worthless. In a professional and kind manner they merely show you how to tackle your clutter and they show you how to set up easy and achievable systems to actually prevent the accumulation of clutter with regular maintenance.

If you don’t have lots of money to splash out on new shelves and cupboards to store stuff, they will show you how even the addition of some small little compartments, one or two small shelves can help to pack away tiny little nitty gritty pieces that you’re reluctant to part with. Did you know that even by rolling up t-shirts in a drawer as opposed to folding them can take up less space?

There’s a Deeper side to Clutter

De-clutter experts, who can often be feng shui practitioners, can help you tackle the dirty work. They offer more than just tips on how to get rid of debilitating mess – they help you get rid of the clutter in your mind, so that your attitude towards cluttering changes.

One expert said that ‘if you are blocked or stuck in one area of your life, your physical spaces will accumulate clutter that reflects that. An expert can help to clear away that blockage so that you can clear out your physical spaces and welcome in a flood of energy and revitalization.



What Procrastination Does to Your Body


Procrastination or waiting until the last minute approaches can really do something on your body the least you know of it. Most people, approximately 80% of the populations would tend to procrastinate first before getting the job done. If you have your assigned presentations, paper, or something else, the normal response of most individual is to procrastinate. It may sometimes feel gratifying, but you should never be deceived by its positive features because all it can give you is tension and stress which can create effects on your mentality capacity, as well as, to your health.


Men’s Health was able to illustrate in their video the possible things that may happen to your body every time you procrastinate. It would show that when a person normally procrastinates he actually places his body in a stage of high alert, it opens the body to experiencing tension, stress, or fight or flight state. Chronic stress caused by procrastination will soon lead to a whole bunch of worrisome health condition. However, you are not doomed yet; you can still make a change and improve things so as to avoid stress. Although there are times when obligations which are time-sensitive are unavoidable or becomes an inevitable aspect of your life, you can still try to inculcate within your routine any stress relieving techniques applicable to the type of schedule you have. Try dong things as soon as you have time so as to avoid any multitasking caused by procrastination.


What Do Procrastination Look Like


It is best that you should know what procrastination looks like or at least feel. Knowing fully whether you are in the stage of procrastination will help you stop it before it can get worst or you could prevent it as soon as you see it coming. The moment you know you have an assigned work or activity and you have ample time to finish it early or before the scheduled submission, when you ignore it, it will already be a sign of procrastination.


Stress Factor


Few people only know that procrastination is a definitely a stress factor in so many ways. It can make your wishes and plans fail instead of making it reach the point of fulfillment. The result of procrastination is chronic stress and other detrimental effects. It may seem helpful at first but in the end, you will soon realize that all of your work is stuck and you have no way to know where to start.


Threatens Happiness


Although procrastination will give you a temporary happiness at first because you are able to relax before you start your work, it will have negative effects in the end. Most procrastinators suffer because they crash their careers due to late submissions and other delays. Instead of enriching their potentials and reaching their goals, they end up crying at the corner of their room. The worst part is that they have no one to blame but themselves.


Other costs of procrastination are lost relationship, lost opportunities, loss of money, guilt, stress, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem.


The question now is why do people procrastinate and how can they put a stop on it. People normally procrastinate because they want to feel relax and worry free. Some may have continuing rebellion on different demands while others are just neurotically disorganized when it comes to the way they think. But how do they put a stop on it? First things first, they must get a hang of their insights. Procrastinators must know their preference and priority. Second, understanding the course of their behavior can also help because they will be able to control their actions. However, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to curing procrastination because it always needs discipline, control, and you have to not develop it as a habit.


What’s the Best Way to Clean a Red Wine Stain?


As what many people say, red wine is easy to drink but it is much easier to spill. Below are just some of the cleaning myths that you should do away. A professor from Fashion Institute of Technology debunks these cleaning myths and show you the best way on how to rightfully clean the red wine stain on your shirt.




Salt is only a best option when you are cleaning up a stain which was freshly-spilled on your dress or shirt. Once it dried out, applying salt will do you no good. You can just sprinkle the salt to the freshly-spilled red wine stain on your shirt so that it can absorb the wine out. This salt solution is also applicable when red wine is freshly-spilled on your couches, curtains, bedspreads, and other home items. However, when your short is made of cotton, rinsing it with hot water will do the trick.


Oxi Products


When it comes to dried and old stains, oxi products is the best solution to get those stains out. You will notice that once the red wine has settled down to your garment and has dried out, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. However, most people say that a simple saturation of hot water in the area where wine was spilled and applying a pre-treatment followed by applying any oxi product for about 2-10 hours your garments will do the trick.


White Wine


Using white wine to clean the spilled red wine off your garment is a big no-no. You should never use white wine, no matter what kind it is, to clean your shirt. This is one of the cleaning myths which the professor from Fashion Institute of Technology shut down since every wine contains certain fruit juice in it. Never be deceived with its transparency.


Others Ways


When it comes to other home items are other cleaning ways which can be considered on a case to case basis.


  • Banana Peel may be used to polish your household silverwares. You can simply blend those banana peels with a little amount of water in order to create a polishing paste.
  • Cucumber – Slices of cucumbers can also be used to polish pans, sink, faucet, and steel pots. It can also be used on removing certain marks from the walls.
  • Onions – Few people only know that onions are also one of the best cleaning agents to scrub those grates clean. You can just get your grill piping hot and use a long-handled fork by just striking those onions back and forth.
  • Tea – Aside from helping you fulfill a healthy diet, teas can also act as a cleaning agent. After drinking your tea, you can use those tea bags by simply cooling it and polishing it into your wood surfaces such as floors and cabinets.
  • Walnuts – If you discover scratches from your furniture or cabinetry, you can use a half walnut to remove those scratches. The natural oil from the walnut will help lift those scratches.
  • Rice – Just like your tea bags, only few people know that rice also acts as a cleaning agent. It can help clean your coffee grinder.
  • Ketchup – Home items with copper such as bowls, pans, and pots can be easily polished by using ketchup. The natural acidity from the ketchup will make your home items made of copper shine and look as if it is brand new.
  • Coffee Grinds – you can use this when it comes to cleaning any greasy surfaces. It will also deodorize your refrigerator.
  • Lemon – Apart from using this to whiten your skin, lemon is a great cleaning agent because of its natural acidity. It can remove stains found on your cutting boards and it can also help clean your kitchen faucet.




Is Google Authorship Making a Comeback?

For those who do not know, Google Authorship was a platform provided by Google to provide a method for authors and publishers to link the content that they have published to their Google+ profiles. That way, Google would be able to readily associate their published content with their identity, in which, as a result, they will be given a rich snippet. A rich snippet in Google Authorship gives the author’s image and byline, where it will be directly shown in the search results.


The Authorship program was announced back in June 2011 and it was also meant to provide a solution to identity authentication issues against web-spams. Within the next two or three following years, Google strived hard to get web-masters to adopt Google Authorship on their websites to conveniently provide access about the content authors’ information. So basically Google Authorship program connects multiple online content pieces and link them back to the party who created them, paired with Knowledge Graph as well as picture of the author in the search engine results pages.

Surprisingly in 2014, for some unknown reasons Google announced that it would no longer be providing author markup in the search rankings, and basically it was done deal. It started in the early 2014 when Google removed photos of the authors from the search engine result pages. Google did not give a certain definitive comment on it, although owners are encouraged to keep the rel=author tags in their sites.

A lot of tech enthusiasts made their predictions about Google Authorship’s future through videos and blog posts, but basically here are the reasons why Google Authorship is believed to return in 2016:

Comment From Gary Illyes: Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst

In one of his keynote speech at SMX East flagship event on October 1st 2015, Gary Illyes recommended to keep using the Authorship tag because there is a possibility that Google may make use of the rel=author tag again in the future. During one of the further discussions it is also suggested that Google Authorship may very likely to return if all of the necessary things required to get a critical mass threshold is achieved.

Implementation of Hummingbird

Judging from how Hummingbird is implemented, Google has certainly focused on providing an overall picture of a content instead of relying on the narrow scope of certain keywords. With this regards, it works in such a way that it identifies and return various contents based on conversational and voice queries, whereas it is highly linked with identifying a certain group of people for covering specific topics.

Confirmations From Other Google Reps

Several Google spokespeople like Matt Cutts have confirmed repeatedly that connecting people with their published content online is definitely a good idea, brilliant for the future of search processes. However, Matt Cutts has highlighted that up until now it is only in form of experiments run internally and it still faces a lot of flaws which include noises and a lot of spams within the backlinks.

Find the Investing Style That’s Right for You

Investing can be scary. It means trusting your money in something that you have to have complete faith in. You should do some research before you start investing and figure out the best strategy for you. Anytime you’re dealing with money you need to do your homework, and figuring out the style that’s going to make you the most comfortable is a great place to start.


Are you an active or passive investor?

First, you need to decide whether you are an active or passive person. How much do you plan on participating in the market? Both passive and active investors can be successful, but the method to their approach is slightly different. You may think you’re one type, but could be surprised to find you are the other. Read on to find out a bit about each and then decide which one you are.

Active Investor

An active investor wants to take the necessary steps needed to exceed the benchmark index of the market. This is someone who is more aggressive when it comes to investing. This is someone who is willing to take risks because they know the risks will lead to greater rewards.

An active investor is someone who does more trading or someone who invests larger amounts of money at one time. An active investor tends to make or lose money faster than a passive investor. However, this does not necessarily mean an active investor makes more money. They just make it a little faster.

Passive Investor

A passive investor does not care about outperforming the market. This is not someone who wants to take risks in order to reap a quick reward. This is someone who wants to play it safe and make consistent money long term. This is someone who is going to make money a lot more than they lose money. It is just going to take them longer to make the money because they are not willing to invest large amounts at one time or take unnecessary risks. This is someone who is cautious and plays it safe.

As you can see, there are all sorts of different kinds of investing styles you can explore and settle into. If you need to know more information there are investing blogs and videos that can help you or you can get in contact with a financial consultant. Often they will allow you to come in for a consultation and a one-time fee to see how they can help you with your investments. You just need to start by figuring out what kind of person you are. After figuring out your personality style you will be able to figure out what type of investing style works best for you. Don’t invest in something you have a feeling about or on a whim, you really need to be certain you are making a good decision and do the research necessary before hand. You’ll be glad you took the extra time when your investments pay off.


How B2B Companies Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage

Everyone is using social media these days, and therefore it would be almost foolish to not take advantage of the fact. Businesses are quickly realising how much of an asset they can be, even B2B companies. If you are a B2B company, you may be thinking that social media is a waste of time since you are not necessarily selling to your average joe who is likely to spend their time on social media. But the truth is that more and more B2B companies are taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter and the like, and here are 5 ways you could too.


Get Started


Just in case you are starting from the scratch, let’s take things slow. First of all make a company page for your company on every social media platform that you can think of. Make sure that either you or someone else in your company is willing to take a certain amount of time every day to check these and update them often, many will probably be happy for the opportunity to do so. Begin to post and share content and get to know your audience.




Now that you have begun your online social media campaign, what on earth do you post? Well first rule is be original, nobody likes a rip off artist and if you are discovered to steal content chances are people will be put off immediately. Consider beginning a blog and sharing that content to your social media profiles. Other alternatives are creating videos to share, educational content that gives hints and tips and expert insight. Also historical posts gather a lot of interest, such as anniversaries of certain milestones for your company or even the world in general.




You should ideally try and attach at least one image or video with every post that you create. Pictures are worth a thousand words, after all. They’ll catch the eye immediately unlike blocks of text, and this way you could also draw attention of people outside of your industry if your images and posts are interesting enough. This gives you links to a whole pool of new potential subscribers.


Crisis Management


Things often do go wrong in the work place, and mistakes will crop up. However in these circumstances you could use social media to your advantage. Having someone ready on social media to respond to enquiries and to assist customers is a much more efficient and quick way than through phone calls alone, especially if your business isn’t necessarily large. You may originally be a little worried about having all queries and possibly negative comments available for the whole world to see, but if you respond in a professional manner, explain the situation and solve it without much trouble, it will actually work much better in your favour and people will appreciate your honesty.




You might not consider it immediately, but social media can also be a great way to keep up communication with your employees. You could post points for discussion, anything you might want an opinion on, or anything else of interest. Your employees could then even discuss amongst themselves, as long as they stick to certain rules of conduct you’ve enforced. You could even encourage them to post questions or interesting stories and facts about the company and images of the team at work, and make sure that they all reference your company in their profiles. The internet and social media is a great tool for businesses if used correctly. The world is changing.